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Tim Owens '78

President 276.935.7298
Eddie T. Farmer '82 Vice-President 276.530.7141
Janie Owens '64 Secretary 276.498.4645
Holli Harman '81 Treasurer 276.498.5231
Bill Coxton '57 Webmaster 480.310.4251
Janet Fletcher Reporter    

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This Alumni/Friends group serves the following Purposes:

   To preserve the memory and history of Garden High School (GHS) and Triangular Mountain Institute (TMI).  Also, to obtain TMI documentation, GHS Newsletter (The Gardener) documentation and a complete set of all GHS Annuals.  Subject documentation will be preserved for historical and reference purposes.

   To establish and operate an Internet Website ( solely dedicated to support the interests of GHS Alumni /Friends.  Also, to operate and maintain: 
*  an email list of Alumni/Friends;
      *  an Internet forum as a bases for Alumni/Friends communications; and,
      *  a "meeting place" for Alumni/Friends to find former classmates, friends, and/or teachers.

   To operate on a non-profit basis. To obtain a place for storage and preservation of the GHS Annuals, TMI documentation, GHS Newsletter documentation and the GHS Annuals.

   To cooperate and support Community Service Projects sponsored by the University of Appalachia College of Pharmacy (UACP).  Also, to promote and/or sponsor educational programs and other activities in the area. 

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11 July 2012

 The Garden Alumni Association met at the Rainbow Restaurant in Deel, VA, on July 11, 2012, for the purpose of reviewing Garden Day and electing new officers. GAA Vice President, Chuck Ratliff chaired the meeting.

The first order of business was to review the First Annual Garden Day sponsored jointly by the Appalachian College of Pharmacy and the Garden Alumni Association on June 30, 2012. After agreeing that Garden Day was a huge success, attracting nearly 600 former Garden students, their families, and friends, the group reviewed specific parts of the Day. 

The group generally agreed that being allowed to use the facilities at the College, formerly Garden High School, was the main draw. Other positives included the exhibits of high school memorabilia in the gym, the opportunity to mix and mingle with classmates, the quality and number of vendors, the quality of the music in the gym and on the porch at McGlothlin Hall, parking and shuttle service.

Among the things to be reconsidered 1)The question as to whether Garden Day is just to be a reunion event or a community festival; 2) The question as to whether or not games for children were necessary or a waste; 3) The question as to whether or not Garden Day should be a one or two-day event; 4) The question as to whether or not the sound system in the gym is sufficient; and 5) The question as to whether or not a different time of day and/or year would be preferable for the next event.  Additionally, the group discussed having a street dance with Bob Keene’s Band.

Different members expressed views on each of these items. The general consensus was that Garden Day should be held next year and that the format should be basically the same with some tweaking:

·         larger name tags,

·         more time to prepare,

·          the use of committees made up of several people so that those “working” the event could participate in the Alumni meeting and other events and not be left to cover their stations all day,

·         better sound system in the gym,

·         better & more avenues of publicity – class contacts, e-mail data base, etc.

·         something to attract the more recent graduates

After concluding discussion, new officers were elected:

Tim Owens - President
 Eddie T. Farmer Vice-President
Janie Owens - Secretary
 Holli R. Harmon - Treasurer
 Janet Fletcher - Reporter
 Bill Coxton & Steve Vandyke – Webmasters 

The group expressed heartfelt gratitude to outgoing officers and GAA board members: President Bill Coxton , Vice-President Chuck Ratliff, Treasurer Shelvie Osborne Crawford, Kathy Witt’79, Lewis Addison’57, Lois Abbott Null’64, Janie Abbott Hale’65 (deceased), Gina Ratliff Simpson’80, and Janie Owens’64.

It was the consensus of the group that Chuck Ratliff had done a fantastic job as Vice-President and Chairman of the Garden Day Planning Committee. The group also agreed that Garden Day could not have happened without the efforts of Bill Coxton and Mickey McGlothlin.

At the end of the meeting, newly elected president Tim Owens advised the group that he would check with the Appalachian College of Pharmacy and the Chamber of Commerce. If there were no conflicts with the college or other county events, he would schedule The Second Annual Garden Day on June 29, 2013.


Submitted by Janie Owens     



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The Garden Seal (to the left) was designed by Alumni/Principal Janie Owens'64, and it reflects:

1. The Learning Lamp as our Goal in Life;
2. The Mountains with Tri-Peaks to represent our Origin from Triangular Mountain Institute (TMI);
3.  The Coal Miner Symbol represents the Life-Blood of our Community during those early Decades of GHS; and,
4.  The Green Dragon as our Mascot and School Spirit.


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